DC Elite Pizza

A club for wood-fired pizza enthusiasts in the National Capital area




   A pizza can be no better than the quality of its ingredients.

   Spend a little more and get the very best.




   Real Neapolitan pizza must be made with real Neapolitan flour.

   Caputo “00” Pizzeria flour is the gold standard, and is one of the

   few flours that can stand up to the intense heat of a wood-fired oven.

   It’s easy to obtain online from the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. in

    Pittsburgh. They sell it in 5 lb. bags or 55 lb. sacks. Click on

    “Pizza Makers” at the top of their homepage.





   The finest commercially available mozzarella is made by Lioni Latticini

   in Union, New Jersey. It can be purchased at Balducci’s in McLean,

   Alexandria and Bethesda. For the best flavor and texture, buy the

   1 lb. ball packed in water. It won’t say Lioni on the price label,

   but that’s what it is.




   The sauce used on authentic Neapolitan pizza is very simple —

   Just uncooked high-quality ground tomatoes, with maybe

   a little bit of salt and tiny pinch of sugar. An excellent brand is

   Alta Cucina, available in 28 oz. cans from Sciabica’s. They also

   make and sell their own phenomenal olive oil, so try that too.

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